P INA COLADA (normally with RUM !)
I S one of the nicest drinks in CUBA
N OBODY refuses PC offer
A PC complements Cuban Cuisine
C OOL and refreshing a perfect starter
O NE with the Main Course and one with the Sweet
L ADIES love them ~ go easy on the RUM !
A COMBINATION of Pinapple Juice
D OUBLED with Coconut Milk
A BEVERAGE of The God's ~ Made in HEAVEN
F OR ~ the last four days the PC's were free
R EALLY GREAT drinking experience ~ YES !
E VERYONE enjoyed ~ no one got too high
E VEN though it was FREE ~ We are BRITSH !
Thanks for visiting ~ please add your preferred TIPPLE ~ Love BRIAN XOX

Gimme six 'Extra Ron'!
Though it'll be too much for me, I know.
I would have thought
'SIN Ron' would have the most rum in it!
Oh, but what do I know?
I'm 99% of the time on the sherry
I gets through life - mind you
I uses up all the 'h's'
Cos when I've had one or three too many
I can only shay shum things
But I managed:
'She shells shea shells on the shea shore'!
Though long words have to go by the wayside
You see, I attempted to say 'Supercalafraga.....'
After having a few
But soon had to give up
And settled for 'Shupercala-wotsit'!
I dunno wot it means - Supercala.....
Probably me talking a load of rubbish
No change there, then!
I wish you'd put that sherry down, Orchi! (heehee)

G INGER BEER ~ Ginger Ale
I love all types of Ginger Drink
N OTHING compares with the bite it has
G INGER CAKE ~ goes well with Ginger Beer
E VERY ONE loves Crabbies Ginger Wine ~ so hot
R EMEMBER when I come round for a drink ~ get GINGER
Thanks for visiting ~ more poems please ~ BRIAN XOX

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