Austin Harness


Do I show you who I am,

Or who I could be?

Because when I am away from you,

I feel like a different me.

You could say that I'm wrong,

But I don't think I'd believe.

Because it feels like all the time,

You're the one I deceive.

It kills me on the inside,

Not telling if my words are the truth or a lie.

But what scares me the most,

Is the fear of goodbye.

I show you the parts of me,

That just might be good.

But the bad things in me,

Are the ones I really should.

Through the hardships of time,

I will learn to confess.

And all of my broken pieces,

Will come together and be at rest.

 Each day I will fight,

Fight all of the bad things.

Pushing through each trial and test,

To see how close you and I are becoming


  • seeker123

    Wow, very clear, strong statement, and all the things I think about battling this pretense we humans put on. Very Inspiring:)

    • Austin Harness

      Thank you so much! I have just started making my writing public and your comment is just what I needed to know my work might have a chance in this world

    • Louis Gibbs

      We all carry the dark and the light within us. It's called being human, no need to be ashamed or afraid of it. Well done poem releasing your feelings around this, Austin!

    • malubotelho

      Your poem makes me think about so many people we think we know but truly we don't cause we don't know even ourselves. We all have that double sided thing. Very nice written. Thank you for sharing.

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