Krystal Brewington

If Our Tears Could Build A Stairway

If our tears could build a stairway,

Together they would reach the sky.

We would walk every step of the way,

If we could see you just one more day.


Cause we didn't get to see you,

Nor was able to say goodbye

Before god decided to take you away.

You left us so sudden

And we can't help but wonder why?


So much we still need you, 

So much we have cried,

So many tears,

They could reach the sky.


The news we had been told

Was so hard to believe.

You had really died and gone away,

And it wasn't just a dream.


We fell to our knees,

Hands raised to the heaven above.

Tears ran down our cheeks,

So many they could reach the sky.


If our tears could build a stairway,

To the sky they'd definitely reach.

We would tell you how much we loved you

And all we had to say

before that day you went away.


We would talk about the things

That we had put on hold till another day

We thought we had more time

We never thought you'd leave us behind.


Not knowing that tomorrow

Our whole life would be changed.

Cause come the next day, it would be to late,

You'd already be gone.


If tears could build a stairway,

To the sky they would reach.

We would come and visit often

And go to heavens Beach.


We would tell you how life is different

With out you here in it.

And you'd tell us what it's like there

Is it true what they say?


But sadly tears can't build a stairway,

So all of this will have to wait.

Until God calls us all home

And we meet at heavens pearly gate.


Don't wait around on me,

Cause I don't know how long I'll be.

But I promise I'll make it there one day

And we will be together, once again

  Just like we use to be.

 We will be together for eternity.




  • seeker123

    Amazing! You speak only the truth.

  • FredPeyer

    You express in a beautiful way what most people who have to go through such an experience only feel inside.

  • Tony36

    Amazing tribute to them both


    A very beautiful tribute KRYSTAL to those who have been called home prematurely the tragedy is (in my experience too ~I'm 33) we don't always get a warning ~ ONE day here ~ NEXT day gone tragic. In these circumstances I find my Christian Faith is a great comfort ~ and the assurance that we WILL all be reunited in GLORY ~ AMEN Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my poems ~ Thanks BRIAN

  • Krystal Brewington

    Thank y'all so very much. The nice feedback means so much to me. And Brian I definitely will. Right now

  • just a girl.

    This is breath taking! I love it! Your so detailed and great at writing!

  • Krystal Brewington

    Thank you

  • Krystal Brewington

    There's some one who don't like it. All they've had to say about it is bad..

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