Blood Isn't Always Thicker Than Water

Some say blood is thicker than water,

But I must disagree.

When you think about who is which,

From my point you might be able to see.

My blood is a junkie who really couldn't care less,

And my water is the woman that raised me for whom I am blessed.

You would think some people would have some common sense,

To choose between right or wrong.

But they appear dense,

with no feelings but their own.

But if we're lucky enough,

We'll run across the person that will paint us a different picture.

One of unconditional love and care,

Making a truly wonderful pair.

We must always be grateful

And never hateful.

They could leave us stranded,

But in a way we've been branded.

For we are more theirs than anyone's.

And that is my water,

Whom I consider my blood.



P.S.- I wrote this in an English class in 11th grade


  • Candlewitch


    it is very nice to meet you! I understand exactly what you are saying. and I agree one hundred percent! as most of my family abused me and had no love or compassion in their hearts. excellent work!

    *hugs, Cat


    WELCOME KENDRA ~ Great Poem for a late teen and awesome for an iith grader. We can't choose our parents and their DNA brands us for life for good or ill ! BUT KENDRA ~ you are an Independent HUMAN BEING and Mistress of your own Destiny. What you are is GOD'S GIFT TO YOU what you make of yourself is YOUR GIFT BACK TO GOD ~ AMEN. Thinking of you ~ Praying for you ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

    • kendra_dawnn

      You don't know how much that means to me.. Thank you for telling me that, it really brightened my day!

    • just a girl.

      I am in love with this poem. I can relate and it is so true. And 11th grade that super good!

      • kendra_dawnn

        Thank you! I'm actually going into 12th now 🙂

      • FredPeyer

        Beautiful writing and a point well taken. Blood doesn't mean anything. It's what people do for each other that counts. I would love to read more from you !

        • kendra_dawnn

          Awh thank you! I would love to post more! Only thing holding me back is my one post a day limit haha, but I guess I understand why the guideline is there.

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