My proMising MoMent

My proMising MoMent 

Can't keep you bottled,

always wanting you blocked,

never asking you why; or who; or what,

almost every second spent is a thought of you,

possibly at every angle there is a different point of view,

but from mine there's really only one important one- that's my feeling toward you.


Do I mess up by fessing up,

do I die inside by keeping this a lie,

Can I expose it,

Can you begin to understand,

Will you listen or dismiss it,

Will you follow through or leave me waiting for you.


Pretending hurts the most,

not knowing if it meant we aren't truthfully close,

dealing with it or you is not a decision I am willing to choose.

This poem is short and a song I sing to you,

although finding it is something I hope you never do. 

India Drew-Redhead (04/07/2017)



    Ohhhhh INDY ~ you are a tease and a mystic ~ Love your poem ~ love you ~ but someone out there really needs to know just how much you love them
    Love BRIAN XX

    • indypindy20

      Thank you Brian, believe that if they could know-they would xo

    • burning-embers

      Oh my you really touched a spot with this. This could oh so easily be a chapter out of my life at this very moment. I think you have captured the knot of tangled thoughts surrounding times of uncertainty and indescision involved in 'do i declare or not'.

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