Take Me Home

The seasons are changing
the leaves dance as the winds blow
six horses drawn in two rows
moments in life are too quick to go

The train whistle sounds
as I enter the carriage
rose petals strewn amongst the grounds

Though my journey has been long
I knew this day would finally come
childlike angels would sing my song

A perfect day with the sun so bright
my home lays at the end of the lane
the welcoming tears of loved ones
as the carriage pulls into sight

They helped me to my place
under the oak and next to the creek
my son read me a bedtime story
filled with his love and grace
as I was laid down to sleep

I will be here to welcome him
when the train whistle blows
when I hear him decree
daddy its time
time to take me home
like my father who was here to welcome me


  • onepauly

    wonderful! you have it!

  • Goldfinch60

    Good write.

  • burning-embers

    Wonderful and very moving. I wonder shall we all meet up at the end of our journey. I like to believe the end of this one is the beginning of another.
    This is special..goes into my fav's

  • miss aggie

    Loved it! Great poem with thoughts!

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