Please be Gentle

Let my dreams lie where they are tonight


In seclusion from my thoughts

I only ask for one night of freedom

Of not remembering I am broken


I need this night

For my bones grow weary

Playing a song of early death

Breaking to the slightest sign of distress


I am on the edge of living 

And the ground being my home

For I am weak from the blows to my heart

And broken from the deterioration of my soul


When will it end

When will I no longer feel cold

I am bleeding  slowly

With no way of stopping it


I will be happy with resolution

Either the resolution of my pain

Or a plan to come back from the deepest of my caves

Because I am lost in my darkness


I have one last prayer

One prayer that I have saved for my final breaths

And I have saved it for you

Those who still live





  • Goldfinch60

    Good strong write.


    I know of what you speak, few truly understand the dark waters which you tread. Somehow I've survived and I wish the same for you. I can say things will get better, but that will never heal your pain. This life can be a curse and somehow mine has become a blessing. In my darkest hour I was saved. You just never know what will happen. Give it time and never give up.

  • lostgirl24

    This is very beautiful, relatable, and well written. If you ever need to talk, let me know and I'm there.

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