I Insist You Resist

My desire for you is forever insistent
No matter you do remain resistant
My repeated efforts are obvious & persistent
Hopes you bring forth all you keep distant
You and me together living coexistent
My dreams and  yours appear inconsistent
Confusion leads to a state of bewilderment
Analysis suggests the need to defragment
Close the empty spaces for a true measurement
Show exactly where there's room for betterment
No longer living on the edge in wonderment
Bringing on a solution to this predicament
I have never been the one you call significant
You don't want me & your actions are indicate
I'm smart I believe I am somewhat intelligent
In my search for love that becomes irrelevant
I crave a love to make rich where I've been indigent
Not leave my heart in the red with a balance that's insufficient
Or give a feeling that I'm not worthy or inadequate
I'm not nearly perfect although I am benevolent
I pray for a lover that feels Im a gift that is heaven sent
One that craves my touch with his every desire to be intimate
Maturity that doesn't require relationship rules guidebook to implement
To share common goals and the joys of every advancement
Work through differences without silence or a loud argument
No more 5 year contracts but a love that's permanent
Patiently I just sit in this place that is stagnant
Waiting on him to be drawn to me as with the force of a magnent
A Prince Charming to take me to a place of endless love and  enchantment
To live happily ever after and a life of absolute fulfillment


  • brandyngraham



    WELCOME FRIEND ~ Thanks for your first poem ~ which rings a bell (perhaps a distant one ?) in all our hearts ! The point is You are a Woman ~ therefor more worthy of True Love than any Man. Thanks for sharing so openly and frankly the desires of your beautiful & loving heart. Thinking of you ~ Praying for you ~ Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my Poems & Fusions ~ Thanks B

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