Lost Girl

Perfect Imperfections

At times I feel worthless and like I have no purpose at all, Like I have no reason to even breath or exist as a whole... insecurities run my mind mad with questions mostly questioning myself... will I ever be good enough? That question alone takes my mind on a rollercoaster ride... will someone ever love me for me? Will they love me for the person I am or just because of materialistic shit that can be gone in a matter of seconds... Still I wonder will I be good enough and how long will it take for someone to look past my flaws... a person who can look at my imperfections and flaws without caring about them... someone who sees the good qualities in me... someone who sees how smart I am... how passionate I am about things and people I care about... when will someone finally see ME and not care about my size or how dark my skin is... when will I be perfect in the eyes of someone, but if not perfect at least good enough... don’t I deserve to be happy? I ask myself that question continuously, sometimes I don’t feel like I should but other times I know I deserve to be happy... I just want to be happy and surrounded with love... I just want to simply be GOOD ENOUGH! Is that really to much to ask for?



    YES ANGEL It is sad ~ but through self worthiness and prayer you can rise like a PHOENIX from your past and be the WONDERFUL ~ BEAUTIFUL ~ EXCITING LADY God created you to be ! You are a WOMAN therfor better than any MAN and you deserve the best ! Your resolve should be "Forgetting the the things in the PAST ~ I resolve to PRESS ON to be ME and take my rightful place in Society and pray that GOD will send me a loving MAN who is worthy of ME ~ AMEN". Thinking of you ~ praying for you ~ loving You ~ BRIAN (UK)

  • FredPeyer

    Lost Girl,
    Your writing shows that.
    two: Don't wonder what other people think or how they view you.
    three: Be yourself and trust that SOMEBODY will see you exactly the way you are and LOVE YOU.
    Case closed.
    BTW keep on writing, I want to read a lot more from you.

  • Stephen.Sapaugh

    Thank you for expressing your feelings. I hope that it has made you feel better, and this community is here to help/support you. I actually have to disagree with others. No one is good enough, and the only security we have on this Earth is found in Christ, and his crucifixion. He died for all these insecurities, and he is the one that bares them for me. When I forget that I personally feel lost.

  • lostgirl24

    Lost Girl, I relate to this so much! Beautifully written and expressed!

    • Lost Girl

      Thank you for your honesty and thoughts! I really appreciate it!

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