The Fear Within.


The light, away fleeting,

sun no more ablazing,

down deep, the monster sleeps;



Tick tock, we hear,

it fades to the wind,

aroused; the monster within;



Ferocious fangs, bearing down,

eyes like Cinders, glaring;

a swift action, towards you now,



Drip drop, drip drop,

you fade, to the wind,

a howl full of ferocity,



It hides behind a mask,

two faces in one,

the Fear within;




Edited by yumnaKay

Rubies to Cinders suggestion by James Michael Schwab

  • Author: Stephen.Sapaugh (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 5th, 2017 08:57
  • Comment from author about the poem: This is about the struggle we all have in regards to temptation when we are tempted to sin.
  • Category: Spiritual
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  • Renzi

    Ahh i know it only to well.. Temptation. May you find your strength. Be your strength!!

    • Stephen.Sapaugh

      Thank you for the comment Renzi. Did you like the poem? This is in it's 3rd edition, and I am looking to improve it further if possible. Also, what did you think about my recording?

      Thanks again for reading/listening.

      • Michael Edwards

        I certainly enjoyed it. You say you are looking to further improve it - well capitals and commas need sorting but otherwise a great write.

      • FredPeyer

        A strong poem describing that feeling perfectly. Like it, especially the last stanza.

        • Stephen.Sapaugh

          Thank you so much Fred for your comment. Did you like the audio recording as well? I will make more of them if people like them, but I need to know if I am wasting my time putting them together?

          • FredPeyer

            Did not listen, am more visual than auditory. But that is just me.

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          • Tony36

            Great write

          • Kurt Philip Behm

            Ah, the two faces of fear. Strong work with a great ending!


          • orchidee

            A fine write S.

          • orchidee

            Oh, I would not have used 'dog'. I'm not thinking particularly poetically here. I'm just thinking of a dog as man's best friend, as they say. Unless it's some mad dog or something, that can't be tamed of course.

          • Nicholas Browning

            There is a monster within us all, sir. Your use of capitalization and clever prefixes are wonderful.

            • Stephen.Sapaugh

              Thanks for your response! I am glad you enjoyed it.

            • Xxxplicit

              A Very strong and sturdy write, deeply captivating yet not too complex. Well done I'd love to see more writings.

            • Gary Edward Geraci

              I was just slightly distracted by your neologism "atearing" but to see how it otherwise fits in with your design of ending each stanza with an "a" word, I could get past it. I applaud the metaphysical allusion to temptation and sin that you strive to create; clearly poetry is a medium for instruction - even if the appeal is toward the subconscious. Nice rhyme and meter. Your casting of a "monster" seemed a bit puerile, unless of course your intended audience are children. If you asked me to grade it I'd give you 7/10.

              • Stephen.Sapaugh

                Thanks for the grade! I appreciate it. It originally was hound I believe or dog.

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