Beautiful in heart, mind, and soul

Engaging personality

Always caring about others

Utilizing your strengths

Talented as well as smart

Intelligent conversations

Fun to be around

Unrestraint truth

Loving and kind

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  • Published: July 5th, 2017 10:09
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  • Stephen.Sapaugh

    Poems made out of words, are quite nice. You have really tried here to do a work of art in doing this. I am a bit OCD about my poetry. It would be nice if you kept to the meter of your first line, and included the same amount of syllables in the other lines. Also, if your going to keep it the way it is I would change the word Unrestraint to Unrestrained. I think it is a typo. Secondly I would suggest practicing show not tell. Talk to us about what you know, and what you consider to be beautiful. What is the beauty of heart mind and soul look like in your surroundings? Lastly add commas where they are appropriate. This is a great rough draft, and you show some poetic promise in it. I hope that you can edit it, and make it truly beautiful. As it is if I were to grade it I would give it a 4/10.

  • AmandaJade

    I personally enjoyed this piece! There are so many ways of expression when it comes to writing and there definitely isn't just ONE way to do things, this was beautifully expressed and your writing style is perfect as it is!

    • Tony36

      Thank You

    • Michael Edwards

      Quite like it as it is - great read.

      • Tony36

        Thank You

      • Renzi

        Sounds beautiful 🙂

        • Tony36

          Thank You

        • onepauly

          wonderful positive poem. we need more like this.

          • Tony36

            Thank You

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