Not a lonely bird


When the night falls, I wait for your arms to hold me
I wait for your mouth to kiss me, when the night falls.
When the night falls, I wait for your words to lift me,
I wait for your hands to caress me, when the night falls.
When the day comes and you leave me, I wait for your thoughts to be for me, because, when the night falls, I don't want to be, lonely,
like that bird on the tree.


  • onepauly

    I am like the bird on that tree.

  • onepauly

    I too get lonely.

    • malubotelho

      Oh! Sorry dear. We all do sometimes. Luckily we can now write and publish our thoughts. Lonely or not.

      • onepauly

        it does make me feel very grateful.

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      • FredPeyer

        What was first, the picture or the poem? Your beautiful poem has longing written all over it. Very artfully done.

        • malubotelho

          The picture inspired me to write the poem. I was walking and I saw that bird on the top of that tree. Lonely. Far high, was like he was waiting or looking for someone. And it was almost night. I snapped the picture and edited it to make more interesting. Then I wrote the poem to go with the picture. Thanks for your comment.

        • whisperingquill

          Elegant, richly fluid in its symbolism

          • malubotelho

            Thank you very much for your comments.

          • kevin browne

            who want's to be lonely? you captured that one very well. an addictive poem x

            • malubotelho

              Yes, no one even though sometimes we need some recess. Thank you

            • burning-embers

              Oh this is gorgeous! You seduce me with your first four lines. So much so i re-read them, so many times (lovely).
              Waking me then with 'When the day comes', yes you really do convey the change and then you break my heart with that bird.
              Beautifully moving. You clever thing you. +fav's

              • malubotelho

                Wow! Thanks. I did not know it was going to be so touching. It touched me though. Very much.

              • Goldfinch60

                Beautiful write. May your nights never be lonely.

              • malubotelho

                Thank you, for reading and commenting.

              • ShannonXx

                Love the style this was written in. A great message, that is easy to relate to

              • Cyprian Van Dyke

                This is a very moving poem. It read just like a song, with the repeated "when the night comes," and where it was repeated was unexpected to me and added so much more melody to this read. There was a poem, from the show Taxi, the episode called, Elain's Secret Admirer, spoke of a woman "dancing to sonnets," and I couldn't imagine someone dancing to something read; but this poem of yours gives me the imagery. Tyfs!

                • malubotelho

                  Thanks for reading and comments. It added some thoughts to my day.
                  It is a cute one indeed.

                  • Cyprian Van Dyke

                    You're welcome!

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