Krystal Brewington

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday is a memory filled with love and happiness.

Today is nothing but heartache and sadness.

Tomorrow is loneliness and emptiness.


Yesterday I had time to tell you all I needed to say.

Today I can only talk to your body, cause your soul has gone away.

Tomorrow will be too late, the time I had, has faded away.


Yesterday I could have hugged and kissed you.

Today I could hug you, but you won't feel it and it's not the same.

Tomorrow I won't be able to, cause your body will be in a grave.


Yesterday I loved you and you loved me.

Today I still love you, but it hurts cause you couldn't stay.

Tomorrow and every tomorrow after, I'll love you, Always.


Yesterday I could have talked to you, and you talked back.

Today I can talk to you, but won't be no response.

Tomorrow sadly I know that I'll never hear your beautiful voice again.


Yesterday I seen your smile so bright and beautiful.

Today there's not a smile one, on any one's face.

Tomorrow an on after I know I'll never see your smile again.


Yesterday I had the time and planned to do all this but I put it off for another day.

Today has come and when I awoke I got the tragic news.

Tomorrow I'll never get the chance to do any of this or tell you how I feel inside.


Cause it is to late now. The time I had, I didn't do any of it. 

Now that's all I wanna do. But I waited till it was to late.

Cause your body died and your soul flew away.

I won't see you again till it's my day.

Till god calls me home and with you in heaven, together, is where we'll stay.




  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write. We must cherish each moment of our lives.

  • Lana-Mae G

    It's a sweet message.

  • lostgirl24

    I'm crying this is so sad, but so beautiful!

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