Confused kid

My Pen

Tossed into the world, my only escape was my pen
It gave me wings, and carried me to the heavens
Flying like a God across the stars, while eating pizza on mars
I am the lord of this universe, the author of this world

I have slayed millions of men with the flick of my pen
Conquered empires with nothing but a toothpick
Beaten the matrix and become its new coder
I fought the crusades and gained immortality

I wrote letters to Kennedy and advised the great Alexander
Challenged Caesar and helped Moses path the red sea
Warned Eve about the serpent and begged God to be lenient
I have lived a thousand lives while laying on my bed

I gave Lucifer shelter before he fell to the depths of hell
Me,Tupac, Machiavelli and Socrates once shared a cell
I had a sharingan and took over the world
Beat superman and hulk in a serious brawl

Dropped in a black and white television, i made my own dimension
Where things always go my way, my own fortress and personal bunker
Life's greatest gift to me, my imagination and my pen
It has spilled ink for me, to taste limitless adventures



  • FredPeyer

    Sometimes you wonder what is more real, the world around us or the world in our imagination. Hang on to your gifts of imagination and pen, you need them for all your future writing. Remember Einstein said: Imagination is more important than knowledge.

  • Augustus

    I love it! Great write!

  • Goldfinch60

    Very good write, the pen is an amazing instrument as shown with your words.

  • Confused kid

    Thank you for reading and for all the comments, its fun to write but it feels amazing when people appreciate what's written

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