I stayed Up For Three Years.

kevin browne

I stayed up for three years leaving whispers knocking at my door
never knowing if anyone was really hearing but you heard me sing
the very first time, I screamed from the top of my life and more
and watching those knocks cause all the pain deep down inside
love scratched the sides and the sides began to crumble and fall
those sentimental meanings tried tying us all up instead but died
for the future resides in the palace where grandma used her violin
screeching down those walls which were left dented in the fear of
I stayed up for five years l was scared and hiding behind my door
teaching the hurt so it won't damage anyone whos's hiding here
when footsteps whirl winded those Cinderella shoes upstairs 
given a chance, you would see me standing right in front of it all
squaring up my tone and then the rivers ran out of stories to tell
blood-mouthed with love it took its toll on you and all you forget 
use of square one we started building and climbing up those walls 
I stayed up for ten years and now it's all behind my time
that left us to ponder how many years have gone by
just one last note to all who say 'hello' to the man who never spoke.


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  • Published: July 6th, 2017 18:11
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  • kevin browne

    then those two loves should ignite the flame forever. that's my reckoning anyhow. I blunder at lot of things which normally go wrong but, practise is a good concept to have. especially within the field of beautiful ladies such as your life has been. thoughts belong to the people my friend and that's where my heart lays to rest sometimes.

  • Augustus

    Staying up in fear
    Scared, hiding
    Knocks with pain
    Never speaking.

    I believe I hear you. Hugs.

  • Michael Edwards

    I'm a great believer in the last line and this is as good as they come - great read

    • kevin browne

      thank you, Michael Edwards. appreciated my friend.

    • onepauly

      I study each line. and take my time. that way I am able to understand you and what you mean. I don't get it all exactly but enough. good job

      • kevin browne

        you're a very studying man onepauly and that's a good mark of respect so a big thank you is heading your way.

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