Shame Revealed (+3)

Shame Revealed

Attention seeking and applause both coming from the heart
kindle undeserved remorse where shame has sunk his claws.


Shame disguised as guilt robs pleasure


The poet dreams in his retinue


Unspoken words echo for years


Augustus / Houston, Texas / July 2017


  • Goldfinch60

    Good write and may your courage never fail.

    • Augustus

      Sooo hard at times

    • Louis Gibbs

      Yes, shame can be useful, or a deadly device used as a weapon.
      The poet's dreams are the very stuff of good verse, are they not?
      "Unspoken words echo for years" may be the finest verse describing the power of poetry I've seen! Kudos, Augustus!

      • Augustus

        Thanks for all your comments.

      • orchidee

        Good write Aug.

      • kevin browne

        shame is more than what we realise. if we all had no shame then the behaviour patterns of society would change dramatically. apparently the rule of law would probably lose the weight of its power. I think you have clearly expressed about 'shame' but there are so many different aspect to it which we need to be aware of. small write but big meanings. well done, Augustus.

        • Augustus

          Thanks for the thoughtful comment

        • Candlewitch

          great poem. I also read your author's note...I've been there. told from an early age by my mother that I was sh!t. but my Dad could let me know with just a glance, if I were doing good or bad. they divorced early...but, thank the powers that be for my Dad!

          *hugs, Cat

          • Augustus

            You have a clear understanding. Thanks

          • malubotelho

            I fine write. I'm still want to write something about this subject. Could not do yet. Thanks for bringing the subject up, it inspired me a bit more. Shame always got me down just for a little time and I would get up and say to myself: dammit, if I was born here in this world it is because I have the right to live and commit mistakes or not have all my ideas accepted. Leave it behind, do better. Or just do and see what happens next. And I did.

            • Augustus

              I hope you do write about it. I find that the mind will be pondering about this subject, subconsciously and one day, voila, you will have your basis for your poem. Good luck and thanks.

            • Renzi

              A fine write indeed. *hugs*

              • Augustus

                Thanks a bunch

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