Lost Girl


Why won’t you notice me? Invisibility is one of my many strengths when your around... never seen or heard, never paid attention to at all... I’m simply invisible to your sight... I want you to see me for who I really am... I want to get to know you like the back of my hand... but you can’t get to know a person who doesn’t even know you exist... my presence goes unnoticed upon you... I just keep hoping and hoping for your attention... a glance or something... I just want your attention... when I see you my inside get all bubbly and I can’t help but smile... the only thing that hurts is that you don’t feel the same way you just walk right past me every time without a word... my heart feels like it’s being ripped out of my chest and my breath shortens... what is it going to take for you to notice me! I am I really that invisible.....


  • Papi Y

    Damn really made feel emotion. Great job!

  • FredPeyer

    A very well written cry for help. One-way street love is hard, but believe me, one day somebody will notice you. And you will notice him/her. And from then on your life will be so much better.

    • Lost Girl

      I really appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement


      STILL LOST SWEETHEART ? I love CHICAGO GIRLS (like Michelle Obama) and I can't see why HE (MEN are so crass) sees you as MISS CELLOPHANE an looks right through you ! Your Poem as usual is well structured and well expressed ! I promise if you sashied past me I WOULD notice ~ and you would KNOW (and feel) I'd NOTICED ~ YES ! Hugs BRIAN (UK) Note that Boys can be MISTER CELLOPHANE as well ~ B

      • Lost Girl

        Thank you Brian and thank you for making me smile!

      • Candlewitch


        have you tried going up to this person to say "hello"? maybe a conversation will ensue from there. don't be afraid...go up and introduce yourself. I hope I have helped.

        *hugs, Cat

        • Lost Girl

          Thank you for your support but I’m way to shy to do that and when I tried to bump him “accidentally” he just asked was I okay all while not looking at me then walked away

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