I can't sleep. I'm so tired yet I can't sleep. I try hard I even seal my eyes shut but I can still see the outline of the blackened out room.My mind is consumed with many thoughts that keep me up as of late. I can't shut it off. I can't make it stop. The noise the stillness. The shadows that warp and dance across my ceilings. Im scared even knowing it's  just my manifestation of distorted fears coming to life. Residing in the deepest darkest corners of my heart waiting to prey on me at my most vulnerable. I can't  control  my shallow breaths the rhythmic sounds of a faint heart as my tired eyes grow still. The cycle repeats on and on again. I haven't slept for days not really. My body is sweaty and fragile from the consistency of tossing and turning and night terrors that leave my heart racing. There seems to be no end to the madness the suffrage. My mind is weak without stimulation and I just lay there like a dead fish. Frozen in darkness the cold seeping through my flesh and the darkness engulfing my shell. 

  • Author: JustSADA (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 8th, 2017 02:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: My insomnia manifested from my fears. This is just a short preview of my take on my insomnia and what it feels like to me. Keep in mind no Insomniac is the same and symptoms vary depending on the person.
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  • Frank Prem

    I like the form for an insomnia poem. Good job.

    • Sada_bear

      Thank you very much

    • onepauly

      I'm not a doctor but I may have a few pointers. if you have to stay awake for two days or more do it time it but don't worry about being awake to long. it happens to me all the time. after a very long time staying awake I sleep for a very long time. staying awake will not kill you. also put a black cloth over your eyes when you want to lay down. hope this helps. paul

      • Sada_bear

        Yes I know it doesn't kill you and it's not as simple as just not being able to fall asleep I was diagnosed with it and can only fall asleep with sleeping pills prescribed by my doctor. Thank you for your suggestion though it may not help much.

        • onepauly

          sweet dreams

        • kevin browne

          i have a severe problem with insomnia and it completely drains the life out of me. there are pdst tendencies in my life from family trauma matters for a long number of abusive years from my father. 6 children and my parents whom my father never made us forget how violent and horrible he was. I am 47 and the contact between us all is nil because of my father. I am also disabled which makes my mental ability even tougher. you have touched my soul with your writing and I think we should give ourselves a well done for having to deal with it.

          • Sada_bear

            Thank you so much for the input and sharing your story with me.

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