It's been a while since I told you how I feel, I love you and I always will...

the hurt inside may never heal my heart may never know the thrill

The words that have already been spoken,make me weak and I couldn't possibly be joking. ..

the needles in my heart are perpetually poking, all the while its love they are showing...

I know the pain oh so well of loss, my love passed away,
I've had many tears in my eyes since that very day,
If I could go back in time knowing what I know now,
I fight even harder to save her precious life somehow,
Yet I look back and I realize that I simply didn't ask,
Enough of the right questions in order to save her, alas,
If you have a love then forget pride and cherish every single day,
Because the pain of loss, the missing her, the anguish won't go away,

Love may be foolish,
But it's better than hate,
So love them anyway,
Kiss their head every night,
And tell them everyday,
"I love you so much, I'll never give up this fight",
You are my golden ray of ecstasy,
I'll die every time that I close my eyes,
Cause I see you and know that you aren't mine,
Not anymore,
No more laughter or late night calls,
No more joyful falls,
But even with this pain,
I'd do it all again,
Cause I love you the same as I always have,

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