You always make me feel like I'm more, looking into the future I can't wait to see what's in store... You picked me off the shelf like I belonged,  the love from you it makes my blood pump faster and strong. You always seem 2 bring a smile out, can't imagine how I ever lived without. So just hold my hand and grip tight for the ride, How did I ever become lucky enough for you too let me inside....


  • burning-embers

    Hey i remember this wonderful feeling its called being 'Zonked' and in love. Is your partner a poet, probably not, but hey. Find out how they feel coming back at you. Happy days, i really liked this.

    • JYNX

      Glad u liked it

    • onepauly

      the head and the heart communicate always

    • Candlewitch

      hello and welcome,

      nice to meet you. it is good to read a "happy" poem. may you always have happiness!

      *hugs, Cat

    • Moonflower15

      I love the warmth and gratitude :-) falling for some one is the greatest emotion.


      WELCOME JYNX ~ Thanks for your first poem ! Elegantly penned and with a lovely warm message. It is always a beautiful feeling when someone we love ~ loves us too and we let each other into our lives ! Thanks for caring and sharing. I would like to add to your FUSION ~ what did you want to ask me ? Yours BRIAN (UK) Please check my poems & Fusions ~ Thanks BRIAN

    • JYNX

      Thanks guys, I'm glad u like it

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