Nicholas Browning


My intuition says to me,
"Wouldn't that be grand?".
Numerous personalities all cheer with a smile,
Yet they sit, while I stand.


Thinking of a passage that might be held in awe;
I take a recital from theirs, pondering further.
Delightful it seems!
Such a lovely idea, why didn't I first think of this?


I seize a chair;
Basking in new-found bliss.
Tranquil, burden lifted, my thoughts glisten,
As I reminisce.


  • Candlewitch

    I love these lines best:

    I seize a chair;
    Basking in new-found bliss.
    Tranquil, burden lifted, my thoughts glisten,
    As I reminisce.

    enchanting..I want more, LOL!!!

    *hugs, Cat

    you have other gifts: kindness and understanding!

    • Nicholas Browning

      I'm smiling like an idiot. Haha, Thank you Cat. Very much.

    • orchidee

      Ohh, if it's too complicated we (well, me anyway) won't understand it! A fine write N.

      • Nicholas Browning

        The chaos takes over, sometimes it's hard to control. haha. You know, the whole thing about an artist having to make every scribble perfect. That's me! Thanks for stopping by Orch, and thank you for the words!

        • orchidee

          Thanks N. Not that I aim to produce 'trashy' poetry, or 'that'll-do' type of poetry. But I rarely spend over-long on my poems. I take thought; what rhymes; etc, seeing as I choose to write rhyming poems often, but not hours on end. There's no rules to it though, if people want to take ages over a poem.

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        • Cyprian Van Dyke

          This is a delightful read! The rhymes and the word choices made the readers eyes glisten and lips smirk. This is inspiringly composed! Tyfs!

          • Nicholas Browning

            Thank you very much sir, and you're welcome.

          • FredPeyer

            And I will reminisce about your poem for a while!
            Beautifully written and thought provoking. It shows that you take writing seriously and that you have the skill.

            • Nicholas Browning

              Thanks Fred. You're always welcome here friend.

            • Louis Gibbs

              My muses consist of numerous personalities as well, I am convinced, and I cherish them all. I appreciate your poem, Nicholas!

              • Nicholas Browning

                And I appreciate your saying so! Thank you very much.

              • Augustus

                Relaxing, waiting for the muse, and she sneaked up on you anyway. Nicely done.

              • Moonflower15

                Well written wonderful poem, love it!

              • Goldfinch60

                Good write, writing is so powerful and therapeutic in it conception and completion.

                • Nicholas Browning

                  Hey Finch, nice of you to stop by! Thanks a bunch. I'm glad you enjoyed.

                • Samreen Chowdhury

                  This is beautiful I love it, an amazing write x

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