A cry for opinion

I don't want to be alienated, nor do I want to be systematic. I watch the news even though I don't like it, because I wanted the news to be good news.
I might be a sweet lady and a poet, but, being soft does not close my eyes, for what I see, does not bring me happiness, but rather worries for what we are becoming.
I see hate, I see complains, I see death, I can't see a way. I ask God for mercy, because truly, the end that is coming I don't wish to see.
The media, oh! So sensationalist, has the media changed the way we see the world or has the fundamental of the world changed indeed? I don't know in what to believe. Please help!
Are we really seating on top of a bomb just waiting to explode?


  • FredPeyer

    WOW! Malu, you are tackling some very heavy issues here and you are asking some very poignant questions!
    Please allow me some time to get back to you later, after I had a chance to think this over.
    Great writing, great subject, great questions!

    • malubotelho

      Thanks. I just want some feedback cause I'm kind of lost.

    • onepauly

      the last line. we could be. but don't worry dear. we can never change the future no matter what we think, do feel or say. free will or not we cannot change the future. don't let this out. for the world is not ready for this knowledge. thanks

      • malubotelho

        Thanks for your opinion but I ask because I want real opinion from real people and not the ones being manipulated. I'm not affirming anything but asking instead.

        • onepauly

          so am I?

        • malubotelho

          Well, the news should be announced as bad news because it is all it is. I read news because I only understand better if reading but lately I'm skimming. Too bad to have all my attention. I agree with Pauly when he said nothing can be changed but I don't want to be alienated aither. Thanks for your opinion.

          • onepauly

            you will not be alienated, I'm glad you are able to see. I just would like to humbly say this.
            are we going to change the future of the stars? I cannot give you an answer. because I'm chicken.
            thanks. anyway you already know the answer.

          • Trev

            Has a nice message and perception on real issues.. I liked it.

            • malubotelho

              Thank you for reading.

            • Goldfinch60

              What you cannot believe in are the politicians as they are in it for what THEY can get out of it for themselves. They do not care about others.
              Good write.

              • malubotelho

                Yes, politics are desgusting. That is almost the worst part. Thanks, I will write later about my opinion.

              • kevin browne

                my advice to you would be to throw all that negative stuff in the bin and get your head in to learning some fresh new ideologies. the world has endless positive and incredible things going on in it and all we do is moan about whats wrong. look in other directions and never allow the reflections of others peoples thoughts or actions shine on your image. a bad person will make good man look bad also. I don't mean to critisise you in a negative or bad vibe, I just think there is enough negativity already. a good and important write for the people who suffer from the effects of the content in your work.

                • malubotelho

                  I agree with you I many ways. Too much of somber mood and depression we see most of the time. I needed to get opinions though. I will right about my opinion later. Thanks for your feed back.

                • P.H.Rose

                  In the U.K. This is
                  Called a.. Belter !!!!
                  Really very good malu

                  • malubotelho

                    Oh yes. A belter. Scary subject to be brought up. Specially in a forum of poetry. I'm happy that most of the people agree that we should see the positive side of life. I'm happy with this. Thanks for your feed back.

                  • Louis Gibbs

                    Your poem shouts concern for this life and this body. Know that you, your soul, is eternal ... this life is but a brief, unpleasant chapter.

                  • malubotelho

                    Thanks my friend for your opinion. Later I will write something as an answer or my opinion about it.

                    • burning-embers

                      I agree with a lot of what Kevin Browne says above. But... what i think is missing from the comments is 'good news is no news' or so you would think judging by the way its ignored by the media. Here in UK we get plenty of USA television progs and theyre all about cops and robbers or some baddy the CIA wants to kill etc full of violence. In the last few years i have spoken with several US citizens and what awfully nice people they are, hardly the gun toting, hood hopping, knife in ya throat citizens portrayed on my TV. An amazing tool though it is, TV does show a disproportionate amount of bad. Whats that doing to our kids outlook?
                      On the other hand everyday we can see people being good toward each other if we open our eyes to see it. Being nice is cool, a smile for an elderly person or a little kid costs nothing, and a smile is a pleasure.

                    • malubotelho


                    • Cyprian Van Dyke

                      Strong write. The world is crazier than ever! I don't watch the news anymore because it has a negative impact on me, just like on others. But your poem, your poem was very well penned! :)

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