Shooting Star

What an enigma you are
You run like a shooting star
Not worthy to break those walls
So resolute in your thoughts
Not ready to fall
Play the music ride the wave
Don't let it make you a slave

Can't hold you shooting star
What an enigma you are
Put a smile on that face
You could be so much more
It's not just a race
Let them see
your melody
Prove yourself to the world
Life experience will open your eyes
Your heart and your mind
Take a chance, don't be scared
Don't be blind
Be bare
By Adri Aviles 7/11/17


  • Louis Gibbs

    A fine first contribution to MPS! welcome to our family of poets, Adri.

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    WELCOME ADRI ~ Thanks you for your first poem ~ which throbs with positivity ! "Play the music ~ ride the wave" "Prove yourself to the World" "Take a chance ~ Don't be scared ~ Don't be blind ~ Be bare !" This is positive advice for People of all ages ! I also love the structure of the poem ~ it pulsates with rhyme & rhythm ~ more please ! Yours BRIAN (UK) Love MIAMI a great City to live in ~ B.

    • Adri

      Thank you Brian! Such nice compliments. I've always loved poetry. I must admit that, I do not have much experience but I try. I will post another entirely different one tomorrow. Thanks again!

    • whisperingquill

      Nicely done poetess 🌹

      • Adri

        Thank u!!!!🦋

      • LAWLESS

        "Don't be blind
        Be bare", so much to love here. Wonderful first post. I hope for many more.

        • Adri

          Wow! I never expected these reactions! Thank u for the compliments!🌞

        • Poetic Dan

          So many great lines, beautifully said from the heart.
          Live the life you love
          Love the life you live

          • Adri

            😊 Thank u!!! My poems are amature I know but, sometimes simple is more!!! I just started writing so, there is room for improvement! I love that I will eventually get better! Practice makes perfect right!!!!

            • Adri

              *amatuer sorry I can't stand iPads!!!

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            • FredPeyer

              Well written with a great message. Love that last line "be bare", these two words say so much but are so hard to live up to. It takes a lot of courage to let others see you as you are. But are we not doing that on this site by sharing our poems?

              • Adri

                Yes, we are being bare here!!! Thank you for the compliments!!!🦋🦋🦋

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