The Time Gone By

Looking back at the years; Fly by

Mind in the clouds all this time; So high

Memories full in the clouds; Both eyes

Parents showing her simple tasks; Shoe ties

Teaching her what's wrong & right; Don't lie

Incredible imagination being remembered; Pigs fly

Making new friends at school; Hi

Variety of personalities in high school; Can't be shy

First loves thinking it'd last forever; One guy

Learning what a heartbreak feels like; You'll cry

Much going on at home & school; Why try?

Temptations & addictions could be scary; Deny!

Finding God to be the only one there; With reply

No darkness possible with the light; Head high

The love of her life found her; One July

Went through hell & back together; Wanted to die

He Helped her become confident & better; Her rely

Left to their own journey of life; Imply

Growing & learning forever....

No regrets for The Time Gone By.


Poem Written By: Julia Rose


  • burning-embers

    Julz wow! I love this story and so easy to read, such a pleasure. More please, i think you're going to go far.

    • julzradams98

      Thank you! I appreciate it! I will be writing lots more coming soon.

    • onepauly

      brilliant words! better autobiography.


      WELCOME JULZ - Thanks for your first poem - excellent ! I love your racy style throbbing with Rhyme & Rhythm and encapsulating 19 momentous years into just 20 lines of rhyming couplets ! Life is a journey of Agony and Ecstasy as you indicate ! However I would have gone to the wall many times - If I did not have a Faith in God. You imply your Faith has also been a lifeline for you | AMEN More poems please | Yours - BRIAN (UK)

      • julzradams98

        Thank you that means alot to me! And yes i am a christian and not afraid to admit it or talk about it with anyone. I accept everyone views though. More to come soon!

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