A Suicide


The stillness is hard
The emptiness is vast
Nothing is familiar
Nothing brings joy
Any longer
Everything is muffled noise
Garbled, unable
To decipher
Looking for an identity
Trying to gasp for air
Unable to stop moving
Unable to get going
Stuck in neutral
What now?
I can't go back
I don't have the energy to go
Where are the feelings
This void is full of
I long for it
To end.
Is there no hope
No joy?
My dreams
Won't materialize
I'm nothing
I've been nothing
I'll always be nothing.
Nothing ...
Worth is not
It never was
Where is God?
Inside me?
Not good
Because I'm empty
A shell
The chaos is gone
But there is no
And there never will be.

  • Author: mbird72 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 14th, 2017 03:37
  • Comment from author about the poem: I have no more words
  • Category: Letter
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  • burning-embers

    Something you do most definately have mbird72 is that rare ability to put your heartfelt feelings into the written word. I remember when you zonked me with 'The Stonecutter' on 1st July after your dream. Here today you've communicated clearly and in such a way that we reach out to you. Yesterday i wrote a piece which ripped me apart in the writing because it was so heartfelt. Today i wrote a nonsense for relief. It would be good to see you using you undoubted skilll to write about anything here for us, buses, cows, telegraph poles - the subject doesn't matter. Because what we see is your way of expressing your angle and not the buses and cows.. More please.

    • mbird72

      Ok the you had me at buses and cows! You made me laugh. Thank you. I needed that. I haven't tried anything lighthearted but I will definitely do it. I accept the challenge

    • ShannonXx

      This is a touching piece, really enjoyed reading

    • malubotelho

      It is a pouring of emotions. Nicely written.

    • Poetic Dan

      Raw emotion
      I felt that pain
      You're on your way
      As I am too

      Keep writing!
      You'll look back
      see you reversed
      All that you once felt

      • mbird72

        I am well on my way
        Things are turning around

        • Poetic Dan

          That's really good hear

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