time off

if you like things that are sweet

pull up a chair and put up your feet

just bought some coffee at the store

im happy now but theres more

i did figure some light brown sugar

here i sit with cup in hand

with a tightness of mind i find

i can relax and intertwine

with that which is indepthly mine

expressing the inexpressable

impressing the unimpressable

in the best of terms one knows how

a liking to learn and then feeling wow


  • Goldfinch60

    May your coffee give you the pleasure and relaxation after a days work, it always seems to do the trick.

    • onepauly

      thank you GF. these days its caffeine tablets. no mess
      but I always have coffee on hand if I get any guests

      • Goldfinch60

        Mine is black with no sugar please.

      • kevin browne

        nice one onepauly. I'd love to have a coffee with you. keen coffee write right here,

        • onepauly

          I have coffee if you need it.

          • kevin browne

            where shall we meet?

          • onepauly

            right where they grow it.
            south America. one thing I've been wanting to "say" call it uk instead of England. sorry. you could have told me. but I figured it out. do you like tea instead of coffee. I drank a lot of tea when I was a kid. my mother used to tell our future by reading tea leaves. of course we had to drink it first. ha! ha! soon

          • Damaged Soul/Kindred Spirit

            Coffee or tea, not for me. On occasion I do shots of Tampico Citrus with a Diet Orange Crush chaser. Good one Sir Pauly of Onesly

            • onepauly

              how did you know my mother was born in the UK?

            • Candlewitch

              hey pauly,

              I only get a cup of coffee on the weekends. I spike it with an irish cream! nice write!

              *hugs, Cat

              • onepauly

                how about a nice cup of tea once a day. I like green tea myself. have a good one. thanks for the comment.

              • Diamond

                Loved it onepauly. Coffee is the most enriching way to enjoy oneself deeply. I read this beautiful poem while having my tea

              • FredPeyer

                And what a fine way to express: Just relax!

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