Body dysmorphic me

Swollen face, giraffe neck
Scarred hands, massive back

Wonkey ears, double chins
Pig feet, battered shins

Bruised knees, thunder thighs
Dry skin, tired eyes

Chubby arms, soda hole
Stomach flab, ugly mole

Shit tits, cracked lips
Fucking fat, growing hips

Getting bigger
That's my trigger
This is my reality

Obssessive thinking
I'm fucking stinking
I hate what I see

The last straw
I'm one big flaw

Body dysmorphic me.


  • Martina Lynch

    I love this angry, frustrated writing when it shows such authenticity... no one knows you better than yourself... laying it down on paper is a clearer reflection than a mirror, because you are now feeling deeper than your vision allows. Your minds eye will give you another dimension to your psyche.

  • Kat

    There is nothing wrong with a few curves my dear. They make the drive more fun! I look at your picture and see a skinny girl. I also see a beautiful face! Do not worry over a few pounds. It is only more of you to be loved. As I stated to you I often saw my self as fat. Even while wearing the smallest of clothes. You are beautiful! Now go show it!

  • Lost in Murphy

    Fuck your medical records look inside there's the beauty

  • Christina S

    This is an excellent poem, and thank you for sharing, by the way. I agree with Kat, nothing wrong with some curves! When I see your picture I just see a pretty girl. Hoping for the best for you!

  • Candlewitch

    I can really relate to this write, my husband says I am beautiful...but it is very hard to believe :(

    *hugs, Cat

  • FredPeyer

    Renzi, you are really letting it all hang out here. I love the writing, but hate to tell you that it's all wrong, wrong, wrong!
    I also know that you know, but somewhere inside that lovely head is a little switch that needs to be turned off. The trick is to find it and actually turn it off. And when you find it you will finally get off this crazy merry-go-round and realize yourself what beautiful person you are.

  • burning-embers

    Hey, ya wanna see funny shaped body? i'll send u a pic. (please wear sunglasses cos i don't tan easy). That line of yours Obsessive thinking - hmmm obsessive drinking. I'm effin stinking. maybe not?

  • malubotelho

    You wrote about ugly but in such a beautiful way. I laughed when you say giraffe neck because my neck is long and because of that I suffer from a neck pain doing my job that requires me to be looking down for many hours. When I look at the mirror I do see some imperfection but when I begun to age and my ex begun to criticize me trying to put me down I told him that I could not get better and if he was not happy he could go find someone younger. I did not change a thing on myself but I did change husbands. I believe we all have the right to be happy exactly the way we are. Exercise the compassion my dear. Compassion begin with ourselves. Thanks for your poem and believe me, you are better than you think.

  • Goldfinch60

    Very strong write. I agree with FredPeyer that there is a switch inside you that needs to be switched off about these thoughts. Beauty flows out of your eyes and out of from your words, we can all see it in you. Stay strong. Throw away the medical notes.

  • Santita

    Renzi, this is a strong write. I was diagnosed with BD sometime ago, I wrote a paper on it in school. Your poem captures what it feels like to have an ED, I think I am going to have to pen something about my experience.The rawness of your writing is so appreciated. Thank you strong, one.

    • Renzi

      Aw santita thankyou so much for reading. Getting it all out in poetry helps express how hard it is. The struggle thats there. I look forwards to some of your penned work x

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