Heritage Hope

Fits tune: Wolvercote

(one tune to 'O Jesus, I have promised')

Psalm 16


1. Preserve me, O God, for I trust

In you, hear me, renew

Your goodness extends to your saints

You uphold them, none faints

Sorrows shall come to those who go

After other gods, so

Their offerings I not follow

But only you I know


2. The LORD is becoem my portion

He true, the living one

He my inheritance, my cup

I commune with Him, sup

You O LORD, do maintain my lot

Unfaithful be you not

The lines have fallen pleasantly

In places fien for me


3. A goodly heritage have I

I bless the LORD, he nigh

Who counsels me, my conscience too

He does instruct, imbue

With His sure wisdom perfectly

And all my ways does see

Through day and night He leads me on

To image of His Son


4. The LORD I have set before me

Always, at my side, see

So shall I not be moved, for here

A firm ground do I share

With those who too trust in Him sure

In His providing store

Therefore my heart it is now glad

My tongue sings, 'tis not sad


5. My flesh also in hope shall rest

In you I shall be blest

For my soul you leave not in hell

But I your mercies tell

And Christ your Holy One, you will

Resurrect, Saviour still

This prophesied, and it did pass

To every age, race, class


6. You will show me the path of life

I shall have peace, not strife

In your presence fullness of joy

Sin not disturb, annoy

At you right hand, LORD, pleasure are

You the bright morning star

Pleasures for evermore there be

For each saved soul made free


  • Goldfinch60

    Another good write Orchi.

    • orchidee

      Thanks G/F.

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