As the lights faded, they came closer, everyone delighted, saying, move over.
A muffled voice came from behind, saying it is too late, to change your mind.
One second later she entered the stage. The crowd expectation, came in disbelief, as she waved her flesh, showing her midriff. She had long, black, flake hair. Witch like nose and some despair. People begun to curse as she pulled a chair. Get out, bitch, what you think you do? We are paying money, we need some clue.
We are here to see a beauty, not a freaking witch. She did not care and kept going.
She lifted her legs, and reveal her crotch, people said; eellll, where is the top notch?
Her breasts, ohh! Draping over her waist as she sat there, her ugly boots were being taken, to review what everyone thought, was a mistake. But then, suddenly,she showed her feet, not even Cinderella could bring more heat. Mouths were open, silence took over, and the revelation was not yet over.
Suddenly she turned and pulled her hair, to reveal a bald head, no one could bear.
She grabbed her belly and pulled it apart, what people saw was then truly art, a perfect body came into account, sizzling the eyes, the beauty was taking place, but who could believe, someone with that face. She pulled legs apart, as she sat again, the guys forgot the face and said: amen!
No one could believe what came after, she turned her slender back to the public, her perfect round butt was just divine, and another one said; I need a glass of wine.
As the show continued she grabbed a feather fan, moved side to side trying to entertain, she covered her face so no one could see, as she cut the head and throw it on the floor, some people run, they could take no more. She then showed her hands in front of the fan, pulled the feathers aside causing a big ban. Red lustrous hair, blue staring eyes, red plump lips, she looked at the guys. They were all frisson, with such an illusion, to most people there, it was a delusion. But, no, the beauty was real,
nothing fake there, as she left the room, her seducing perfume, was left in the air.
I'm telling the true, I saw it with my eyes, was in Copacabana, long time ago,
A friend of mine was a magician, to amuse the club, she put on this show.


  • burning-embers

    Soooooo HOT malubotelho i evaporated ! Three large glasses of water and i'm back ,... round two - read it again.
    Mama what courses through your veins? What spell have you cast? What now is destiny? What have you done to me? (Answers on a postcard please c/o

    • malubotelho

      All I can say is that I'm an old soul traveling through this world so many times that I've seen a lot. Plus that I lived in Rio where life is an art academy. Thanks for reading. Drink one more glass, but wine this time.

      • burning-embers

        Many times huh? As i age and wisdom reaches out to me i begin to think similarly. I am a spiritually aware person and have accepted the teaching of reincarnation into this life. I wonder how many of us 'feelings' type people have walked before and did any of us meet. If any of this chimes with you then you'll know the term 'soul mate'. What a wonder it would be to encounter such a being.

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      • Candlewitch

        dear malu,

        you are a true storyteller, whose words and images spellbind! I loved the "unfolding" of this tale!!!

        ever, eddy
        *hugs, Cat

      • malubotelho

        Thanks lovely friend. I had to make it big so I could fit everything and make some sense. Thanks for reading.

      • onepauly

        the crowd was amazed and I was amused. lol

      • malubotelho

        I believe so. Thanks for reading.

      • FredPeyer

        What a piece of work Malu, so well written, a metamorphosis from ugly duckling to beautiful swan. And it had to be in Copacabana!

      • malubotelho

        Yes my friend, if you never been there you don't know what it is about. Very dangerous but also very exciting. Thanks for reading.


        Ohhhhhhh MALU ~ You are naughty ~ but i love you ! We all loved the 2016 Olympics from Rio ~ Brazil (and Brazilians !) must be very proud of your Country ~ Rio & Copacabana ! Its on my list ~ but after reading your poem it' at the top for 2018 ! Your poem was very sensuous and the picture stunning ! Thanks for caring & sharing and making us SMILE ! Big Hugs ~ BRIAN

        • malubotelho

          Thanks for laughing 😂 I know, Brazil is beautiful if you take the corruption off. And let's not go into politics. Rio is a constant Carnaval

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