🎀Tear Stains🎀

•You gave me all your responsibility
•And left none for yourself
•Always knew what I was about to do
•Before I knew it myself

•I know the feeling of your eyes always staring at me
•I feel the need to run and hide
•But there is no place to flee

•Restriction after restriction
•I would try to face my fears
•Contradiction after contradiction
•I was reduced to tears

•You will be my doom

•Through my pleas for peace
•I was never given the chance
•I would receive heartbreak and tear stains
•Instead of a tranquil trance

•I let you control me from my clothes to where I go
•If I ever left my house
•You were the first to know

•Anxiety running high
•Hope running low
•Clear as daylight
•There's nowhere to go

•If I leave then you'd die
•Life as simple as that
•If I disobeyed then I was an ungrateful brat

•You turned a girl once so confident
•Into a shell on the floor
•A girl I don't recognize anymore

•Mama said to follow your heart to wherever it may go
•Maybe it's time for me to be alone

•From now on you can never treat me so possessively
•I've finally found someone who makes me feel so carefree
•The blue eyed boy is my one and only

•He found a way to give me what I need

•A home for my heart
•A home kept healthy


  • sue.evans

    Such sorrow in your words- glad you have found peace.

    • Savvi

      Thank you, Sue❤️

    • Fay Slimm.

      Welcome to this friendly site S.J. and do hope your newly found freedom will always be a "home for your heart" - a moving read.

      • Savvi

        Thank you, Fay. It means so much❤️

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Welcome FRIEND ~ Thank you for your first poem. Very frank ~ very challenging ~ but (thank GOD) with a SING rather than a STING in the tail ! Men can be very controlling (I'm just the opposite !) and some of my Lady Friends have shed many tears (some on my shoulder) in circumstances similar to yours ! I am so thrilled you have been liberated from a Control Freak ! MPS is a very empathetic site as you will have already noted. Poetry is CATHARTIC and I am sure sharing this poem with us gave you more release and peace from the past. Your Friend BRIAN (UK)

        • Savvi

          Thank you, Brian. I've been looking for a website like this to put out some of my work on❤️

        • burning-embers

          Well done for getting out of that awful relationship and WOW well done for telling it here so eloquently. I really hope to read more from you.

          • Savvi

            Thank you so much, it means a lot❤️

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