Hi I am a slut


   hi i I'm a slut thats right you heard me I'm a slut or at least that's what I get told.


I feel like I could wear anything and I can't go a damn day without getting called slut people asking me who you trying to impress today.


As far as I'm concerned I like hella fine but than i remember that's how the society is they think what girls where is called that they was asking for it well I'm sorry to tell you buddy I was not asking to to touch my pussy I'm sorry I'm getting to graphic.


Hi I'm a slut I apparently wear to much make up but that's because society said if you wear make up I'm sure you'll have a guy in your bed if I dont wear none I'll get called ugly and I'll rather get called being a slut than getting called being ugly.


Hi I'm a slut I wear dresses to school and I called hot i guess people who don't get attention would say lucky but you ain't lucky than when he pulls out his cock.


So hello I guess I'm a slut thats what society thinks so I'm here to say hello I'm a slut.

  • Author: NikitaPassmore (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 18th, 2017 02:18
  • Comment from author about the poem: It kinda true if your not a girl you wouldn't understand but if your a boy I'm in pre sure you go through some problems like this.
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  • burning-embers

    You're a poet hun. That's why you're here and that's how you'll be treated. Anyone treats you different - tell me about it and they'll read about it. If people treat you that way then you're mixing with the wrong people. Do you need those people in your life? Or are you making yourself suffer them for some reason? Your writing is good, keep it coming please.

  • onepauly

    I give this one o.k.


    HI NIKITA ~ TANKS FOR SHARING AND BEING FRANK ~ Girls are Catty and Boys are always on the hunt for pu**sy ! Looking at your photo ~ your poetry and your attitude ~ I give you 10 ~ your are beautiful. In my experience (as a Male) Girls get more harassment for how they choose to look and dress ~ You're not a SLUT you just want to look your best ~ but lots of men take that as an invitation for sex ~ if you dress down you get called "ugly" ! God created EVE to be BEAUTIFUL so always look your best wherever you are ! Thanks for caring & sharing ~ thinking of you HUGS ~ BRIAN

  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

  • doglover30


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