This Ones For You

It's okay to want your own happiness.

You are allowed to care

about yourself the most.


You do not have to sit there

and smile, and take all

of the crap everyone heaps on you.


You are more than

a piece of furniture.

You are more than

a fancy window dressing.

You are not

their shiny new toy.


You are human.

Perfectly and imperfectly made.

Full of beautiful emotions,

and a soul as honest as they come.


You have every right to say

“That was shitty of you.”

You have every right

to protest you own mistreatment.


You are allowed to set

boundaries for respectful interactions.

You do not owe anything to anyone.

But you do owe everything

to yourself.


The rest of the world might not

realize you have this right.

And trust me

they will be offended,

and appalled when

you exercise it.


But nonetheless.

It is yours.


  • AmandaJade

    Best piece I have read today...I'm currently in a situation and I'd be lying if I said this didn't open up my eyes. Thank you!! All the love

    • kbreinich

      Thank you!! Much love to you as well. I hope whatever you are going through ends well, or makes you stronger as a person!

    • onepauly

      best poem I ever read! I can relate to that. its madness in the city. I am for myself!

    • Heather T

      Yes, friend! And besides, I do not believe anyone can properly give love without this understanding first. Guard your heart!

    • Goldfinch60

      Good write. One of my philosophies in life is this is me and if you do not like it that is your problem, not mine.

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