The doctor always asks "how do you feel"

but being me, im too stubborn to answer his caring question

instead i sit there and think for a moment

saying to myself "should i tell the truth, or should i lie?"

being me i lie

because me lying makes it better

likes to pretend it ok

but im scared of the way i feel

i feel like i cant move and you look at me

i want to say something but i cant

you hug me and i hug back and on the inside i wish you'd would never let go

because im hurt

i wake up everyday feeling the same way

i feel like im in this dark tunnel and you don't bother finding me

but i stay hoping and assuring myself that you'll look and find me

even though i know you wont

and you ask me how i feel

and i simply say those famous words "im fine".


  • Author: sarahgerome (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 19th, 2017 22:56
  • Category: Sad
  • Views: 24


  • billybob

    Beautifully written❤️ Remember you always have me to truly express your feelings to.

    • sarahgerome

      xo love you and thanks !!!

    • kevin browne

      I can see and feel a wonderful person sat on top of this poem screaming for ears to listen. well, we are listening to you with open arms. tell us anything that you want so we can help you become better. always looking for special people such as yourself to help with a guiding hand. take care X

      • sarahgerome

        thanks so much for understanding!

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