If there's a God then is my life just a joke?

A punch line for every time that I'm broke


If there's a God then is my life just a test?

Bent and contorted, never allowed to rest


It's getting so old, held up to just fall

So warm then so cold, stand up to just crawl


It's getting to hard to rebuild what is gone

yet I grasp every shard and assemble 'til dawn


If there's a God then is my heart just a toy?

Torn apart and replaced with no pause in his joy


If there's a Devil then in the end am I His?

Would he show me mercy since I know what pain is?


If there's a point, It's transparent to me

If there is hope, I just glimpse and not See

If there's a Hell, I will never be Free

If there's a Heaven, I can't pay the Fee




  • orchidee

    A fine write D. I'm on the same lines. We can't pay the fee to heaven, that's the point. A true Christian church can tell you more. or I can, but I don't want to seem 'preachy'.

  • Poetic Dan

    I just love this! I've read it three times now and it just keeps getting better, memories of moments I've spent at the lowest of levels.
    Thank you so much for inspiring me, to keep being me

    • DyingDreams

      Well hell thank you Dan! I thought this one was a bit iffy given the subject but im so glad it helps

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