The Comedian

I sit in a room full of people
feeling so alone
I'm the joker
the comedian
the one always smiling.
If only they knew how I was crying

I find my feet within the group
making everyone laugh
it's nice to be nice
To you that's flirting.

I'm a positive outgoing kinda girl,
I've just had a few knocks
If you knew me at all
You know I don't lie
If you knew me at all
You'd know I'd make you smile.

I shame myself
Put myself down!
It's my fault I say,
It's always my fault!

I doubt myself
and be little my thoughts
I'm not good enough for this life
Not any more.

My body is broken
And my scars won't heal
I can't forget
So can I live?

In a world with so much hatred
In a world where you think this is right?
I know it's Wrong
And I know it's not right

I'm stronger than you think
I don't believe it myself
It's easy saying words
But harder for myself

It's time I stood up and said what's on my mind
It's time to show you who I am!
I'm that positive outgoing kindda gal
That was left behind
She wants to come out again
She wants to shine

It's time I stood up for what's right!
It's time I stood up for my life!


  • onepauly

    going to or coming from

  • FredPeyer

    Very well written with a strong message. We all wear masks but there comes a time when the mask has to come off.

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