Stephanie Showers

Tomorrow i will be 45.  You know what i have learned in my 45 years?  That i am absolutely disposable, insignificant and invisible.  To every company, school and person I have ever known. Like I never existed at all, even though i have left a piece  of  myself  everywhere i have ever been.   Totally disposable and replaceable.

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  • Published: July 24th, 2017 12:02
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  • burning-embers

    Welcome to the economy, LOL . Cruel isn't it. But the trade off is some people like you for free.

  • Louis Gibbs

    I'm sure you have impacted the world more than you realize, but as they say; "Graveyards are full of irreplaceable people" ... yet the world goes on without any of us. And as my recently posted poem "Of No Consequence" points out, no life is of consequence in the final analysis. Thanks for sharing your heart-felt poem with us, Stephanie.

  • FredPeyer

    Very well written Stephanie, you are right, we are insignificant when compared to for example the Universe. But, you say you left a piece of yourself everywhere you have been. That piece lives on. A smile here, a helping hand there, it all adds up, and out of all these insignificant little gestures grows something significant: A memory about you, the invisible, the insignificant.

  • charlesbarrett

    Beautiful piece. I know that feeling of insignificance all too well. But I assure you, this poem left it’s mark on me. So in that respect, you are irreplaceable. Thank you for sharing.

  • Goldfinch60

    Good write but be assured there will be people out there on whom you have left a memory.

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