No One Hears Me...

Do you ever feel alone even though you are surrounded by people?

Like you say something but no one hears you or listens to you

Always feeling like you are being ignored or feel less important than everyone else

Feeling like you don't matter in this big world 

Because someone else can deliver your message and be listened to 

That the only ones listening and knows the true you is the lamb

You start to think you are the problem 

You can't change people, but maybe you can change the way you react so that you don't go insane

And that you could be more confident 

Through writing your voice can be heard

Because you do have an important message to be said that people are waiting to hear

So next time you feel alone in a room full of people you want to come across and find a way to be heard  because you are never truly alone.




  • FredPeyer

    Welcome to the site Desi!
    Your poem is so well written. First you show the problem, then the solution.
    I do like it, and I think that a lot of people who are feeling like that will take great solace in reading it.


    WELCOME TO MPS DES ~ Thanks for your first Poem ~ love the "free verse" style and spacing ~ very elegant ! Love the message the poem sends out ! We all experience feeling ignored and unheard (Thank GOD the LAMB always knows us and listens to us !) Joining a Poetry Site is an excellent way of "Stating your case" and MPS is very supportive and empathetic ! Thanks for your comment on my HOLIDAY FUSION ~ love the idea of going back in time ! I love SAN DIEGO ~ and you can pop over to TIJUANA MX for the day ! However I thought the PYRAMIDS were more photogenic ~ so I posted a photo of them as promised ! I will check your fusion. Thanks for caring & sharing ~ Yours BRIAN ~ UK What US State are you living in ~ they are all so so different ? B.

    • Des

      California thanks

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Love CALIFORNIA ~ A great State to be in ! Los Angeles ~ San Francisco ~ CARMEL~ do you live in San Diego ? a great City ~ Love the big SUR a great Drive. Thanks for adding me as an MPS Friend ~ I will add a Poem to your fusion ~ Hope you got my note about FUSIONS ~ they are great but underused ! Yours BRIAN (UK)

      • Micalina

        Well written and yes sometimes I feel like that too. I have written poems about my feelings in that regard. You expressed it so well. Love your writing.

      • Tony36

        Well written and expressed

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