You keep me captive,surrounded by walls, made with something you call love. I can only see the sun shining through your eyes.
You keep me tied with silk ties stripped from a vest made of deniable emotions. You shut my mouth with your hand and the softness of your rosemary fragrant skin takes me to a devastating land where only you and me can bear.
You stab me with your thong making me cry tears of mixed feelings.
Days and nights are fused with our sins. We can not feel the staggering pain, burning on desire, when I kneel surrendering myself to my probation. I whisper soft with my lips on your lips, telling lies to wash the guilt of our fragile counterfeiting.
Your delectable slavery is being served but can not be blamed as consensual is being used.
So and forever, you keep me hostage of your twisted meaning telling me love has no barriers, but the resonance of feelings, touching walls of hidden pleasure detectable only with pain.

  • Author: Malu (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 26th, 2017 10:07
  • Comment from author about the poem: I have no responsabilities with whatever feelings this may bring. It was written by a submissive muse.
  • Category: Erotic
  • Views: 50
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  • orchidee

    I didn't 'see' anything - cos I swooned at this! heehee.

    • malubotelho

      Thanks cute Orchdee. I know, you are innocent 😇. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • FredPeyer

      Malu, a strong, but good write! Reminded me of 50 shades of grey.

      • malubotelho

        Yes, kind of. I'm having fun writing. Here we can publish the strong felling stuff. Thanks for reading my 50 shades of grey version.

      • Tony36

        Great write

        • malubotelho

          Thanks for reading Tony.

          • Tony36


          • willyweed

            torrid and powerful write

            • malubotelho

              I like that word. Torrid. Should had included it on my write. Thanks for reading and commenting.

            • burning-embers

              Hey, when its two consenting adults then let it be. We each have our indulgences. How straight is straight? I love the heat of this and your mischief for taking us throught it. (picks up a small whip and places it in malubotelho's vision, smiling over the top of it)

              • malubotelho

                Thank you. I like your eclectic way of thinking. I have to admit that I've surrendered myself to some fantasy. It is fun sometimes. The imagination is much bigger than the facts though. Thanks for reading and leaving your opinion.

              • Michael Edwards

                More like 50 shades of red - such a powerful write - great passion.

                • malubotelho

                  Thanks Michael. Here we can travel from the fun to the hot wth just a click. Thanks for reading and commenting.

                • Heather T

                  Enjoyed the heat of your consensual telling, peeking through the blindfold of your words.

                  "telling lies to wash the guilt of our fragile counterfeiting" Great verse!

                  • malubotelho

                    You are such a great observer. I like these lines too. Because we do it. We do things that brings us guilt and then we want to justify it somehow. I lie is a way of taking the judgment out of the situation.

                  • malubotelho

                    Thanks Heather. Had to write something deeper today, to brake the stillness of a Wednesday.

                  • ShannonXx

                    A very strong write!

                  • malubotelho

                    Thank you Shannon. I was there commenting on your love painful poem. Thanks for stop by.

                  • malubotelho

                    Hehe! Thank you. You're cute. Yes, it is risk. I was a bit afraid about how people would take this but I'm happy. Because it is a submissive act it is almost sweet. Thanks for your opinion. Still don't know how we could write the meditation thing. I'm from that Gnostic school and some stuff can not be shared in public. I'm seeing how we could write about it. I have a lot of respect for the subject. I'm very loyal and not sure if I could show it. I ask you to be pacient. All the books I have from the master or mentor is in PORTUGUES. Now I'm getting some books from them but in English and that would help.

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