Its Raskolnikov


The other day I cried,

The thought of her with another man,

I thought I may as well die,

Then my friends said, "Hey, you'll find love, I know you can",


I am always down,

Wanting to give it all up,

But others say I hold the crown,

That I can hold the world in one hand,

They believe in me,

I have the best of friends,


Some say love bends, 

That it is flexible,

But they never tell of how it ends,

It will sink you with the pain,

But somehow I manage to float on the raft of friends,


These kindred spirits,

They make me breathe,

They make me see,

They've ran a hundred miles,

They tell stories to ease my thoughts,

They try to make me forget her smile,

I love my confidants,


If only they knew how much they mean to me,

If I could make them happy that's all I'd want,

I just hope they are glad to be here,

I just hope I'm not imposing,


Soon we'll be in Cincinnati,

We'll be blowing through the world,

Making our way to glory,

I can't do this alone,

You're my greatest friends, I'll need you by me,

We'll rule this world but do it justly,

Our ties will stand the test of time,

Yeah, it's these friends I'm thrilled to claim as mine,


  • FredPeyer

    A very nice poem about friendship. Hang on to these friends, they are hard to find.
    My definition of a friend is a person who will come pick you up wherever at any time of day or night and help. Then after they help you the say: "Why did you do that you dumb s**t!"

    • Its Raskolnikov

      Thanks, Fred, I agree whole heartedly

    • Goldfinch60

      Good friends are priceless may you keep them close to you. Good write.

      • Its Raskolnikov

        Thank you much, sir, I hope I can and that you can too

      • jaybob

        wow i look up to your friendships... beautiful!!

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