Too Much Death around Me


I hear you whispers my friend

And see your tears

As I sit next to you at the bar

Drinking to your memory

And talking to you like your still here


I have a piece of you permanently scared on my skin

You can't be dead 

Because I saw you yesterday

Saw you in passing

Drove by your house 

And your light still light the entire block


Have I lost my mind

I see your picture on the newspaper

It reads that you are dead

And yet I hear you

And speak to you now

We reminis like childhood was yesterday

And the war was fresh in our minds

We bled together

Losing so much 

Protecting something that sometimes hated 

It was hard at times

I remember


Why do you no longer answer my phone calls

Why do I only see you in passing?

Did I do something wrong?

Going from talking one day

To only seeing pictures of our time somewhere we didn't belong

A place that slowly killed our minds


I love you

Because you are my brother

The one that shared those nightmares with me

That shared a lot of the same ghost


Now I write this letter

In hopes that it gets to you before it is too late

I have finally broken

And my life has been shoved to the side

Nothing makes sense anymore

My mind has not returned from the war

I wanted to say goodbye

To say it has gotten too hard

But I finally realized

That you have died yourself


  • Author: jdblake (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 29th, 2017 17:49
  • Category: Unclassified
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