Azura Nightsong

The Closest To Flying

I fell from above
Like a slap to my face
A good kind of pain
Gravity relinquishes it's hold
I'm suspended in space
Open my eyes to a blurry world
And try not to breathe
As I hang in the void
Distorted screams of joy
Drift in waves
My chest will explode
Scent of chemicals invade
I break the surface back to reality
And spit the taste of chlorine out of my mouth


  • Nicholas M. Langford

    I love a poem that leads me into discovering the environment. It wasn't until the end that I understood it was a pool, and it made the "slap to my face" register as soon as the poem ended.


    OMG AZZURA ~ Did you realise you just wrote a great "free verse" sonnet ! Great rhythm and anticipation between the board and the pool ~ awesome ! I love diving (especially high board ) and you lovely poem describes the sensation perfectly ~ Yours as ever BRIAN (K)

    • Azura Nightsong

      Thanks! Ha I didn\'t even notice it was 14 lines. I was challenged to write a poem using all five senses and decided to do one on swimming.

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        WELL AZURA ~ Now you know ~ you see for a "natural" poet like you ~ Sonnets just appear out of nowhere ~ Shakespeare had that gift too. The senses stir my muse too and I have written several sensory poems. Diving into a swimming pool ~ or a lake ~ or sliding down waterfall is one of the greatest pleasure in life ~ thanks again for sharing ~ Yours BRIAN (UK)

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