Azura Nightsong

I love you but...

Why are you so old fashioned
In so many different ways
Boys can't play flutes
I cannot be gay

Why are you so old fashioned
Do you know what year it is?
We do not have to suffer
When it's as hot as this

Why are you so old fashioned?
Just see that art is art!
"If it's not physical it must not be real!"
You think you are so smart



    HI AZURA ~ MUMS by definition are always one generation removed and my MUM is very protective of her daughter ~ my Sister ~ and also of Me even though I have flown the nest. She grew up in the 60's & 70's and does not use a COMPUTER (My Dad does !) so she can't understand the WWW and how we can be exposed to the whole gamut of 21st C Culture and Morals at the touch of a button ! Blessings & Hugs ~ BRIAN (UK)

  • myself and me

    You won't understand it until you yourself become the "old fashioned" one day.

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