WL Schuett

A Woman's Song

awoken by  woman's Song 

how it overwhelmed me 

overtook me 

upended me 

tortured me 


I tried to roll back the sea 

the tide rolled in

it didn't care 


merciless love 

inspired silent oaths of fate 

there are things I knew as 

a child 

that are now just out of reach 

the memories come in dreams 

only to disappear when I awake 

but in those dreams ....


something so profound 

that there is only before and after 

a Woman's Song? 

If only I could remember...


  • Goldfinch60

    Good write and a super painting.

    • WL Schuett

      Thank you very much, as an artist I am a painter first and guitar builder second and poet third but I try to give each endeavor my full effort ...

    • malubotelho

      Very nice written. Beautiful words of memories. I like your painting.

      • WL Schuett

        Thank you Malu , I appreciate the comment and I didn't know I could add a painting to a poem I will do that again ...

        • malubotelho

          Yes, double exposed

        • Accidental Poet

          Any woman capable of inspiring this gem, trust me, you will remember. Excellent write.

          • WL Schuett

            You are right about that thanks

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