Bana is sweet and her sorrow is real
She wakes each day, hoping she will be spared
A life of violence
Surrounding herself with those who care
She wants to be free ~ from her life of despair
To be free ~ like a bird ~ in the air
A true childhood, where she runs free
Chasing fireflies in the trees

Bana, please believe
That if I could, I would take your place
To protect ~ take you from that horrid plane
From the bloodshed and terrors
No child could face
My heart dies with each horror video
My mind can’t erase

One day, you will be free
Where no child left behind
Will be ~ a distant ~ memory
If only we can resist what our eyes only see

Read, Read, Read!

Greed wrapped in promises, disguised in trees
Palm oil and poppies ~ only do rulers see
Not the pain of death and struggle
But families torn by enemies

Do not let it harden you
Ice ~ inside your soul
See the beauty in this world
Chasing fireflies ~ even ~ when it’s cold

My heart is with you
Prayers be told
Let us be one ~
For our hearts and minds to unfold
Break the boundaries
Voice the unknown
Let them see their complacency
Shout it out
Make no war, in the name of prosperity
Only to be free ~ from the terrors of greed.


  • FredPeyer

    Thank you Adri for a very moving, very true, and very well written poem!

    • Adri

      Thank you Fred!!! I really do appreciate that! Have a good one!!! 🦋

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good write, may her freedom come to her and the community come together in unity and peace.

      • Adri

        Hello Goldfinch, Thank you and yes she is living a much happier life now. This poem was inspired by her but, really it does speak for all the children that are living through these conditions now. Take care!🦋

      • whisperingquill

        Remarkable, really well written and a unique flow. Thank you for this. 😌

        • Adri

          Thank you!❤️🦋

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