The resolution of cleaning



I was cleaning and making some order.

You know, wiping the floor, removing dust.


Then, I put my computer glasses on


And… oh my god…I did it again…


And then  I turned on the  light.


And… did it again…


And I was thinking what if I had microscopic glasses..


Oh my god… I would end up cleaning all day – (something I really don’t like to do…)


And then I was thinking, “what if i had quantum glasses…”


Oh that would be so cool!!

I would have  stopped cleaning right away because I would be able to see mosaic dynamic waves of everything …


What a harmony…


So enough  cleaning,

Lets write about it…



  • Author: AVIGAIL (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 5th, 2017 10:40
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 26
  • User favorite of this poem: Night Owl.
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  • Night Owl

    Love this-- Thanks for your poetic perspective ~:)

    • avigail

      thank u Night Owl 🙂


      Thanks AVI ~ from a Scientific point of view we call it ENTROPY (disorder !) Because the Entropy of the Universe is increasing there will always be Muddled Bookcases ~ Chaotic Cutlery Drawers ~ Dusty Bedrooms and Untidy Gardens. As we grow up and acquire our own Flat or House we have to face ENTROPY (increasing disorder) and appreciate how much dusting ~ washing ~ ironing ~ tidying up after us our Mothers did every day ! However I find If I tolerate a soupcon of disorder (which is natural) life becomes much easier and less frenetic ~ OK Tidiness & obsessive Cleanliness Freaks drive me mad ~ BUT ~ I am a Food Hygiene Freak so everything is COVERED ~ FRIDGED ~ FROZEN ! Thanks for rattling my cage ! Love & Hugs (I've just had a shower so I smell like a Pine Tree) ~ BRIAN ~ the Microbe Hunter ! Please check my poem ~ Thanks B.

      • avigail

        dear brother the name of the game is balance ... if you are obsessive cleaner... not good!!!
        Entropy and order are in the view of the beholder.... its all a matter of attention and interpretation resolution in the situation...when you chase the little things, something may happen in the big things.. ha ha

      • FredPeyer

        Great poem. I should take it as a metaphor for my life....don't worry about the little things.

        • avigail

          Fred.... balance ... remember the little things, are like ants carrying even tiniest things from here to there... they can eventually break a wall so do watch them from time to time.. balance between zooming in and zooming out - ha ha

        • burning-embers

          Hee hee hee, any excuse to stop that cleaning chore - why do u think i write so much? Nice one.

          • avigail

            thank you burning-embers

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