Venezuela: Land of Grace

Venezuela: Land of Grace

At the threshold of your history
Christopher Columbus exclaimed
Land of grace
Land of paradise
Infinite land

Like gold being refined
Amid the tyrannical tribulation
Your nobility exalts you

And the grace of your character
Raises you up to the battle

It does not matter that this tyrant
Treat you with mortal hand
From the empyrean the Supreme God
Gives you the strength to fight
Let the vile oppressor
Tremble with dread

Among the nations you are not orphaned
You are not the despised
But the land of grace
The most prized
Of Latin American lands

Let pride run though
your native veins

Don't let infamous despotism
take your life away

       Glory to the brave people!     


  • Michael Edwards

    Sadly I know little of Venezuela and nothing of their National Anthem but this is certainly worthy of being adopted as such. great piece of work RR.

    • rrodriguez

      Thank you for reading my poem and commenting.

    • rrodriguez

      I wrote it in Spanish first. The Spanish version is more flowing. Thank you for reading it and commenting.


      An incredible tribute to a wonderful country. Your poem should be read by all their native people.

      • rrodriguez

        Thank you, Michael
        The poem has been sent to a Venezuelan family to be sent to Venezuela as a tribute to their fight for justice and freedom.
        Thank you for your kind words. Be blessed!

      • FredPeyer

        This is a beautiful poem, and I am sure the Spanish version was even better. Something always gets lost in translation.

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