Azura Nightsong


At night I'm all alone
Just me and the blank page
Blaring sound from my headphones
Invocations of emotionless rage
I let the notes take me higher
Transcending to a whole new level
My soul a blazing fire
And within euphoria I revel
I have no need of drugs to fly
For off of music I can get high

MUSIC IS ~ Like a drug
UPLIFTS YOU ~ then makes you
SAD ! Reminds of Good & Bad times
I HAVE 100's of Tunes in my mind ~ anything
CAN ~ trigger off a Memory ~ a few notes or lyric
Thanks AZURA ~ Good topic ~ Hugs BRIAN

Sometimes alone in my car
I turn the music up and drive far
Music helps me through a range of feelings
Often the only thing relatable, with meaning
It takes me to a different place and time
Music soothes my soul and eases my mind

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