Train to Heaven

Notice of absence from BLACKGOLDKING
Sorry if I can't reply,
Im busy taking care of England, The World, The Universe. Please do care to join me
.Thank you.

Always remember : kindness is key, faith is everything and prayer is paramount.
Hope you Enjoy my poems.

My bag's are heavy, 

I hope the weight that I carry on this journey is  allowed, 

Or better yet understood by the ticket warden of this gracious trip, 

The conductor is not someone to be taken for a ride  yet I'm on this train, 

Perhaps I should of walked slowly down the tracks, but it is forbidden, 

No, can't make that mistake now, I'm on board for this journey.

I'm in my seat and I'm thankful for my ticket and the ride to the last destination. 

The last stop. 


  • ACS

    deep poem, pal. nice work


    Thank you,

  • myself and me

    You do not need the heavy bag on the train to heaven. Is your ticket first class? Well done.


      We all carry baggage of a sort, everyone's journey is different, but all answerable for our deeds good and bad, , true? I think so. Thank you


      We're all first class, you can't put a stamp on a life, no man or woman is any greater then the other. We're no more significant then Ants, life is life. The only difference is we were made in the image of God. But it doesn't mean we walk Godly. We are far from it.


      Thank you for your much appreciated time, I hope you enjoyed it.

    • Goldfinch60

      May your destination be filled with hope, wonder and light. Good write. Welcome to MPS.

    • orchidee

      A fine, erm, happy birthday write there! Tally-ho, and all that rubbish, as they say! Toodle-pip until next time! heehee.

    • orchidee

      A certain department store has 'toodle-pip' on a notice at present, as you leave the store. Relating to a bit of seasonal advertising. They locked some doors for a trial period - now open again. I dunno about toodle-pip then. More like "I ***** just walked into that locked glass door"! lol. Well, pointless really. It didn't save on electricity or anything


      Thank you

    • aRCane

      I like the layered depth, with a strong sense of gratitude and destiny that shines through.


      Yes the last stop in this life, The beginning in heaven

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