Edward Charles McDevitt


A child's first breath taken at birth,

Is the most beautiful thing on Earth.

The pin, diapers, and bottles of milk,

Tucked in a blanket lined with silk.

They'll scoot, crawl and try to walk,

Dada, Mama while starting to talk.

Toys, bears and a whole lot of stuff,

Seems Mom and Dad have had enough!

It can upset them enough to cuss,

Yes, off to school and ride the bus!

Years go quickly during this phase,

Start a new chapter, turn the page.

They will have fun and maybe a dance,

That puppy love, a first romance.

Graduation is nigh, what's next for me?

Continue in school and get a degree?

When in high school they weren't ready,

Maybe by now, they can go steady.

Yay! I have finished hear the birds sing,

Time for me to buy her that ring!

Children of their own she will bear,

With love to give and love to share.

Now the time really flies by,

Wow, the presents Grandparents buy!

Having free time is hard to resist,

Send them to Grandma for a nice visit.

How quickly the time and years have passed,

She's now in a coma, she had a relapse!

Age is upon her, she's gasping for breath,

Her reason for living has ended in death.






  • WriteBeLight

    They did the right thing publishing this Edward. Great job!

  • orchidee

    A fine write E. In my UK '11th grade' I was in the intricacies of The Canterbury Tales. I made neither head nor tail of it much, until years later, reading in more modern language!

  • Louis Gibbs

    A strong, insightful poem for a teen-ager to write. Thanks for sharing it, Edward.

  • Heather T

    It's amazing that you've kept it! I have a box somewhere from my teenage years, what's left of it anyway. An abusive boyfriend shredded much of it in a fit of rage when I was 19. Nostalgic share, Edward! Life is a wisp of smoke.

  • Michael Edwards

    So insightful - some poem.

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