Aaliyah Gisele

Physically Touched

 You touched me, not mentally, but physically, 

You didn't touch my heart, 

You touched my body, 

You are exactly what I thought you were from the start, 

You turned me on a little because of the way you felt on me, 

You make me a person that's not me, 

If I may ask, "What are we? "

"What are you and me?"

I liked it when you grabbed me and touched me physically, but what about mentally touching me?



    Like an An ANGEL ~ Touched for the very first time ! Ladies and Men do like to be touched in their sensitive places and it all part of foreplay and if unabated leads to Physical love ! Physical touching is relatively easy but to touch someone mentally requires not just a "coupling" of bodies ~ but a coupling of MINDS & HEARTS which is much more difficult and would require us to be SOUL MATES not just BED MATES ! Love BRIAN XOX

    • Aaliyah Gisele

      You telling me Something I already know

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